The gorgeous jeweler

Richard Ranasinghe De Vulpian

A shrewd jeweler who has customers worldwide, Richard, is a genderless stone-cold beauty. Seigi expresses him as a “living jewelry.” Also, Richard is a multilingual who speaks fluent Japanese; even better than native Japanese people.
He offered Seigi a part-time job when opening his jewelry store, the “Jewelry Etranger” in Ginza.
He is an extremist when it comes to tea with milk and also an acknowledged sweets junkie.
The college student with a strong sense of justice

Seigi Nakata

Seigi is a solid college student who wishes to be a public servant. As his name “Seigi” (Japanese meaning: justice) shows, he has a strong sense of justice more than anybody else.
Asking Richard for an appraisal on a jewel has led him to work as a part-time employee for Jewelry Etranger. Seigi is friendly and honest, but once in a while, he also gets out of control.
He can do household chores as a whole, and his specialty is pudding.